Bad Credit Loans

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Bad credit has many causes including bankruptcy, foreclosure, loss of income, job loss, medical bills, or nontraditional income. This includes borrowers with less than ideal credit or no show-able income. These types of loans are classified as non-traditional lending, an area where Birchwood Loans can be of service.

Borrowers who do not fulfill more traditional lending requirements due to bad credit, employment-status issues and citizenship problems will find a home at Birchwood Loans.

Loan applicants may have no credit history or do not meet conventional financing guidelines or are under time restraints to close a transaction. They may be in arrears on the existing mortgage. They may be in the middle of bankruptcy or foreclosure proceeding or they may not be able to verify income.

Non-conventional subprime loans are another type of mortgage alternative for clients with bad or poor credit and other bad marks on their financial history. They traditionally have a higher interest rates than conventional home financing.

Birchwood is a leader in lending to investors with bad credit.

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