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Tampa Hard Money

We give you the opportunity to quickly access the equity in your property.

Birchwood Hard money offers Hard money loans for Real Estate Investors in Tampa. We pride ourselves in being the preferred source of capital for Investors.

One of the main problems of Real Estate Investors in Tampa is that they often lack the capital to finance their deals. Tampa offers great bargains to real Investors, but those that use hard money are the most successful. Hard money, provides immediate access to the investment capital you need to take advantage of Tampa’s real estate deals.

With Birchwood, you will find the fastest and easiest source of hard money funding for your real estate investments. We can finance up to 60% LTV for a period of up to 5 years and provide interest only payments.

One of the main benefits of our hardmoney loan program is that we can approve Investors quickly and easily. While banks and other conventional lenders repeatedly deny applicants for their credit score, because they are self-employed or for recent foreclosures or short sales, Birchwood does not consider these factors when approving hard money loans. Instead, a significant down payment, solid income and your ability to succeed is all we are looking for. It is important to note, we are not broker so our clients do not have to pay broker fees or appraisal costs. This is all to benefit and streamline our clients!

We are looking for your success and we believe our hardmoney loans program can give you the leg-up you need to successfully enter Tampa’s growing and competitive market. Reach out today to hear more about Birchwood’s Tampa hard money program that can fit your needs!

We have been serving Florida property owners for more than 30 years. Approvals can be within 24 hrs with funding as soon as paperwork is ready.

  • Without brokers
  • Without credit reports
  • Without appraisals
  • Without hidden fees